Watermelon & Strawberry Juice: Nectar From the Gods (For the Gods!)

I recently bought a juicer:  an electronic appliance that can crush any fruit and vegetable with such electronic ferocity that it will render all and any juice out of it.  The acquisition was not a premeditated one.  I mean, of course, there have been times when I’ve gotten sucked into an infomercial on TV and thought I desperately needed to get one of those incredible machines, but I never really did act upon the impluse.  Until a trip to the mall some weeks back.  Where we were lured into sampling fresh fruit-juices being offered by a specialty juice shop that evidently made every kind and combination of fresh juice that you could imagine.  They were all so fresh and invigorating, what could you do but buy a full glass of the sample, of course.  Which we did, but given that each glass was priced at a whopping $5, I thought no matter how fresh and tasty, that was an awful lot of dough for some juice!

But anyway, we enjoyed the juice and moved on to another part of the mall, and inside another large department store, I somehow found myself in the kitchen applicances section, and wouldn’t you know it, there was this juicer staring me in the face!  Well, the rest as they say, is history!


So, here’s what we’ve discovered:  the combination of the watermelon and strawberries (as well as other berries like raspberries, blackberries and blueberries) is the very best.  And the reason the watermelon works really well is because its ninety-percent water anyway, meaning there’s not that much pulp that the juicer generates, which in turn means that we take all that good pulp and add it back to the juice.  Which gives it some body, if you know what I mean!

And so the bottom line is this:  the juicer has been a terrific investment, and the juices have all been great.  Epecially this watermelon-strawberry one.  See for yourself what I mean.  These two pitchers are the product of one large watermelon and a pound of strawberries.  It’s good for two or three days in the refrigerator and goes fast if you’re sharing that refrigerator with three other people in the house!

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