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Elephants In Batik: Good For A Card Or A Piece of Art

Three summers ago, I was in Bangalore, India, and made a stop at the famed Cauvery Emporium, the Karnataka state government emporium that has all kinds of handicraft items from pottery, ceramics, metalware, fabrics, etc. 

I didn’t do any major shopping while there, but did pick up a few handmade cards– simple greeting cards made with recycled paper.  But the fronts of the cards carried a cutout piece of fabric of an elephant in a batik pattern.  Batik is an ancient art of painting with vegetable-dyes and a distinctive style.  Even as I was purchasing the cards, I had in the back of my mind an idea on perhaps framing a couple of them because they looked so exquisite.

 Well, its taken me the better part of almost three years to get to act upon my lovely idea, but I have finally done it.  As you see, it’s not a bad idea at all!  A beautiful work of art showcased in an elegant frame with a double matte.  I love it!



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  1. I’m afraid I don’t have any further information for you. I’ve mentioned in my post, the location where I purchased it. Good luck!

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