Elysium, 2013

The planet Earth and its inhabitants are a sorry mess in the year 2154, Los Angeles being a prime example of the gross poverty, disease and devastation that the people have been afflicted with, and Elysium a space station, in the shape of a wheel, orbiting just beyond the confines of Earth—less than twenty minutes away, by shuttle.
Perfect conditions for a savior to step in, and Matt Damon’s Max steps in with a quiet determination to make it to Elysium and change the world as he knows it.
If Damon is spot-on in the role of savior, so is Jodie Foster– quite surprisingly– in the role of ruthless Secretary of Defense of Elysium.
We look on in fascination at the contrast of disparities between the two places, and wonder if immortality at the cost of a soulless existence is truly preferable to a weak and fallible human race that doesn’t have much but does have the heart to help each other out even if it means risking their own lives for it.