The Ides of March, 2011

The governor of Pennsylvania is the very elegant George Clooney.  Running for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination, he is the master politician.  Suave and smooth in his speeches as he is in his political ideologies, he is the liberals dream, if there ever was one.  And Ryan Gosling who plays Clooney’s campaign manager oozes confidence and charisma from every pore, and gives a strong performance.

With a strong casting like that, one would have expected a solid political thriller, at best.  But for the most part, the drama is unfortunately limited to the abstract.  The small element of surprise is over just as soon as it is begun, and the rest, as they say, is history.  This is a film that showcases the acting acumen of these two as well as some others such as Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti, but is not one of the year’s top movies by any means.

[Needless to say, I’m glad I waited to see it on DVD]


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