When Harry Tries to Marry, 2011

It sounds like that other Hollywood classic “When Harry Met Sally” but what you get is not what you expect.  Apparently a low-budget movie that must have had casting directors double as screenwriters, what you get is clunky dialog and sophomoric sexual humor– besides the very predictable and formulaic storyline of a young Indian-American college student who wishes to import a bride from India in the traditional style so as to avoid the bane of Western societies marital unions, i.e., divorce.  Well, long story short:  it’s one thing to wish for something, and another thing to not get it, because you might be better off in the long run, divorce be damned!

What you need while you watch this– if you think you must– is a partner who doesn’t mind a lot of conversation during the movie (sometimes even unrelated to movie itself), or a smartphone that will let you browse for other equally boring/interesting things.  Word to the wise:  if your leisure time is of premium value, you would do well to not squander it on this motion picture.   


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