6 thoughts on “Chicken-65: Because 64 Is Not Where It's At!

  1. @SDisaac-Looks seriously scrumptious & as a direct challenge to Zyka. Super-cool, or, hot, huh? Ossum!

  2. @rexarul, many thanks for the generous compliments, esp. given that you haven't tasted it!  If I were to throw all modesty to the winds, I'd say yes, I'm sure I could give Zyka a run for their money– with the Chicken-65, at least!  Perhaps one day you can confirm that yourself!

  3. @SDIsaac–Proof is in the pudding, or Chicken-65, huh? LOL 🙂 I believe in your claim and the confirmation will not be too far in the imminent future. Cheers 🙂

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