Ra.One, 2011

To everyone who complained soon after it was released in late October about Ra.One being a disappointment and a let-down, I say to them all:  why?  what exactly were you expecting?  Because if you ask me– and I’m glad you are– I thought it was swimmingly entertaining!  Seriously, I mean that without tongue in any portion of my cheek.

After all, what’s not to love when you have Ironman and the Terminator– not to mention a half-dozen other Hollywood blockbuster heroes and concepts– rolled up into Shahrukh Khan’s character.  With all the digital effects and sophisticated gaming technologies featured both within a room and in the great metropolises of London and Mumbai, it is nothing short of fun and fantastical to see good triumph over evil, a superhero battle the fiercest of the bad-guys, a pretty girl who is as devoted a wife as she is a loving mom, and a kid whose love for digital gaming is rivaled only by his father’s love of giving him just what he wants and then some. 

And so, the props come out in full force:  curly wigs for Mr. Khan, skimpy outfits including sari ensembles for Ms. Kapoor– who looks positively ravishing and can really drive that SUV around town, by the way– and as for the bad guy, Mr. Rampal’s six-pack abs must definitely set the standard for all future villains in Bollywood.  Plus, the musical score is catchy what with the clubby Chammak Challo and my personal favorite, Dildaara which is truly a masterpiece.

So, watch it with gay abandon, my friend, and forget about the integrity of the script and the storytelling.  In true Bollywood-style, this is one masala movie with the works, and like our superhero says, let’s all try to be “a hero with a heart.”

The Dildaara song is here for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of YouTube:


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