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A Blue Sun: It's Hottest When It's Blue

Yet another post that initially found its place in another location on my blog, but is posted here today in an effort to slowly but surely collate all relevant newsitems and articles that need be approriately housed here within this Art section.

This is an exquisite piece of pottery hand-painted in the most brilliant colors of blue made by artisans across the border in Mexico.  The colors are so vibrant in every shade of blue you feel they will rub off on you if you touch the sun!  Incidentally, I collect masks from everywhere, and although this is not a mask, it is a face– a face of the sun, and therefore, it will find a home among the rest of my mask collection and will remain forever a prized souvenir from my trip to the lovely city of San Antonio, Texas in early 2011.

Incidentally, this is only one piece photographed multiple times and made into a collage.


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