A To-Do List: Because School's Out For The Summer!

That’s right:  school is out for the summer.  And what does that mean, really?  Well, it means taking stock of the hours in the day that are now all your own, and establishing priorities on what you wish to do with all this delicious time on your hands.

And if you have just turned the invincible age of fifteen a week ago, what might some of those priorities be, you ask? 

Well, take a look at this to-do list drawn up by my secondborn to get an idea for how absolutely brilliant life can be in the summer!  It won’t take long to see where the focus of her energies lies!  

And despite the perceived imbalance of self-assigned tasks on this to-do list, I cannot help but be a little envious of it!  Read, run, eat, read some more, and of course, *not* kill anyone are indisputably laudable goals for the day!  Oh, and do some artwork, and some cooking, and perhaps even some schoolwork– could life get any better than that?!

A fine show this is:  the show called Summer.  Would that it would last forever, but then again, maybe not…!


2 thoughts on “A To-Do List: Because School's Out For The Summer!

  1. Hear One, Hear All! A To-Do List Brilliant in it’s Simplicity! @Chhavi, my dear, you are a wise one to recognize such profundity!

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