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Tibetan Choker: For Your Neck Or Your Wall!

Some years back, I was wandering the famous touristy street in New Delhi called Janpath known for its shops that sell all kinds of arts and crafts from around the country.  Many of it is classic kitsch, but there are also authentic wares to be found– if you look hard enough and sometimes in the right places.  Well, I think I certainly found something to keep:  this gorgeous many-beaded choker with the turquoise stones embedded in it, it is nothing short of a magnificent piece of handiwork.  

Earlier this year, I had taken a picture of it as it hangs on a wall within my living room, and soon afterwards became inspired to write a haiku about it.  And so, this is somewhat of a repeat, if you will, but since I now have a section of my blog devoted to all things ‘art’, I thought it might be a good idea to house this here as well!  Enjoy! 


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