Chips & Dip: A Very Gourmet Exercise, If You Please!

So, yesterday’s Pita Chips post must only naturally be followed by a post on how to serve these chips, i.e., what sort of dips might go well with them.  Well, you could open a bottle of salsa just as well as you could make some fresh salsa– one of the perfect accompaniments to pita chips.  Or you could serve it up with hummus, of course.  But here’s what I did recently:

I served my pita chips with three kinds of dip:  an Ajvar (Eastern European Red Dip made with Peppers & Tomatoes), a yogurt-based Raita-style dip (Yogurt w/ Grated Cucumbers), and a no-nonsense Guacamole (Avocado and seasonings).

Use your imagination, people, and enjoy!  Check this out for pictures, and don’t you just love my dip-server?  I absolutely adore it!  One bite and one dip, and you’ll be saying, like we say around here, Yeh Hui Na Baat!

2 thoughts on “Chips & Dip: A Very Gourmet Exercise, If You Please!

  1. Eastern European, Indian, and Mexican: a great combination! (notice how I used the colon, I learn from my momma)

  2. You sure do know how to use that colon, my sweetest Channu, and I love how it balances the terrific compliment!

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