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A Bag From Guatemala: Wear A Piece of Art On Your Shoulder

Some time back, I was a happy tourist in the lovely city of San Antonio, Texas.  While there, my husband and I did every imaginable “touristy” thing in checking out the local museums, parks, monuments, restaurants, theatre, boatrides along the riverside, and of course, some souvenir shopping.

One of the places that we visited was a historic arts village that featured wares from artists south of the border.  It was like being a kid in a candy store going from one little shop to the other in checking out the lovely wares from exotic countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, Belize, etc.

At this historic arts village, I picked up this purse to give as a gift to my mother.  It is handmade in Guatemala, no two alike in color and design.  I was thrilled to get it because I knew my mother would appreciate it both for its art and its high functionality.  It is the right size and style to use everyday with even two zippers on the outside for perhaps a cell phone and keys.

Well, as excited as I was in buying it, soon after I got home and unpacked, I seemed to have “lost” it!  I couldn’t find it anywhere, and I’d begun to wonder if I’d perhaps left it in the hotel or perhaps it got inadvertently tossed out with other wrappers and plastic bags that one invariably has an excess of after returning from a holiday.  Well, three months later, after I’d given up on it, I found it safely tucked away in a “hidden” place in my closet!  So much for being organized!

And so, now that I’d lost what I’d found, I promptly wrapped it up, and mailed it out to my mother.  She got it, and she tells me she loves it!  See for yourself the beauty of this little purse!  Truly a work of art!  (I almost wish I’d bought one for myself too!)

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  2. Channu! I love it that you *like*! Next time, we must also get one– only I wish they weren’t so pricey!

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