Shangri La: A Reason To Be In Midtown!

There’s a lot to see and do in Midtown Detroit, and this little restaurant must most certainly be on that to-do list.  It doesn’t disappoint for lunch or dinner in any of the essential aspects of an outdoor dining experience:  food, service, ambience, location, and price.  Not a fancy place by any stretch of the imagination, but a place to go for quality food made with the freshest of ingredients served by a fast and courteous staff.  It’s all there.  The dishes are authentic– and I speak from experience since I have had authentic Chinese fare in Hong Kong and Singapore as well as the most authentic Thai dishes in Bangkok. 

This most recent lunch visit resulted in a plate from the Dimsum tray of Chicken Curry-Puffs, followed by a Singapore Vermicelli Fry with Chicken and Shrimp, and the Spicy Flat Noodles with Shrimp— both entrees flavorful to the core.  Finally, for dessert, another selection from the Dimsum Tray:  light fluffy buns with some sort of sweet almond paste filling it the center.

High marks, all around!

One thought on “Shangri La: A Reason To Be In Midtown!

  1. the buns with almond paste look delicious! they remind me of the buns with red bean paste i had in japan and really enjoyed. also, the restaurant looks so different in the day time!

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