No Frills Attached: Dosai w/ Chutney Powder & Ghee

Well, you know I’m a serious Dosai-Lover, right?  Not just the kind that likes to order them in restaurants, but the kind that makes them herself at home!  And of course, there are the traditional sides that dosais are served with:  the seasoned mashed potatoes that puts the ‘masala’ into a Masala Dosa, plus all kinds of wet Chutneys and Sambars and such.

But sometimes, you don’t want any frills.  What you want is a nice crisp dosai, and with it you want a heapful of Chutney Powder— made with lentils and spices and looks hotter than it really is– and with this Chutney Powder, you make a nice well into which you put a heapful of desi ghee, aka, clarified butter.  Mix it into the powder and you’ll get this incredible Chutney Powder Paste which is all you could ever want to serve as the perfect accompaniment to the dosai.

See some here that I made from the other day!

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