Chalo Dilli, 2011

Not the most profound movie in terms of insightful social themes or anything of the such, but a very sweet movie, nonetheless.  The dialog and setting of northern India and U.P. in particular, was very much on point, and the plot although a little improbable was still believable enough.  Lara Dutta does a pretty decent job in her portrayal of the high-flying corporate executive stranded in a remote village of Rajasthan even as she tries to make her way to Delhi, hence Chalo Dilli, i.e, let’s go to Delhi.

Granted it might not have had the most remarkable screenplay and storyline, yet the movie is an entertaining effort at comparing and contrasting the life of an urban female jet-setter with the lives and circumstances of common folks in dhabas and trains in the small towns and villages in India.  And when you do that, you have no choice but to get your feet back on terra firma, stilletoes notwithstanding, to take stock of what you are and where you’re going.

I found the dialog to be quite authentic in its style and delivery, and the Laila-O-Laila dance-number to be hugely entertaining.  If there’s one fatal flaw to the movie, it is that everyone tried very hard, in fact, a little too hard to make it work.

All in all, a nice time-pass, as we say in India, and hey, like the guy said, “Yeh kaunsi badi baat hai!” 


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