A Feast For Memorial Day: One That You'd Remember!

The grand opening of Summer 2011 took place this past weekend in our household with the usual flourish in the kitchen and the backyard.  In marinating our meats, and firing up the grill.  Not to mention in readying all the various and sundry sides that are an absolute must for a meal like this. 

So, what was the spread like?  Well, take a look at the pictures yourself, but I’ll list them out for you: 
  • Burgers like you’ve never seen before.  Because they came with condiments like Mint Green Chutney and Macedonian Ajvar and fresh slices of red onion, beef-steak tomatoes, and the creamiest avocado, all delicately placed one on top of the other on sesame-seed buns and whole-wheat bagel-style buns
  • Grilled Teriyaki-Ginger-Chilli Chicken
  • Fresh home-made Pita Chips with three kinds of dip:  the Ajvar, a yogurt-based Raita-style dip, and a no-nonsense Guacamole
  • Pull-Apart Garlic Bread for the three dips
  • Pan-Fried Chili Roasted Potatoes
  • Home-made Sangria w/ Merlot, Fresh Fruit, and Club Soda
  • Mixed Fruit Punch
  • Milk Chocolate Sundaes made with home-made Milk Chocolate Brownies and the store-bought Vanilla ice cream
It happened to be a very hot and humid day, and although we intended to eat outside, we were wilting despite our drinks and appetizers even as we stood by the grill, and so after about 40 minutes of being in the backyard, we decided we’d just take everything inside and enjoy the meal in cooler environs!

The best part of everything?  The prayer that my firstborn offered at the table before we dug in– offering thanks for the bounties of our table, for one another, and most of all for the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country. 

And here’s how you build a burger!


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  1. Thanks, Mom, everything turned out very nicely! Wish you were here– we’ll do a repeat when you come for sure!

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