Singham, 2011

This is one uncomplicated masala movie to be viewed strictly for the dishum-dishum action and highly stylized and polished stunts and soundeffects.  There’s no need to wonder why the script isn’t true to life– it wasn’t meant to be, period.  It was meant only to showcase the supercool moves of Ajay Devgan who actually looks good in that khaki cop’s uniform.  He does play a good cop, by the way– a savior to the village folk, and the bane of the local goondas.  The heroine does everything she’s supposed to do, and after much hullabaloo, there is the inevitable triumph of good over evil, the romance comes to fruition, the village folk raise the cop to that of a deity in their eyes and hearts, and they all live happily every after.

Every so often, it is a truly satisfying and cathartic exercise to take in a movie just like this.  Devgan rocks, and the result is a slick movie that hearkens to an older era in Bollywood when all movies were just like this!


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