Faster, 2010

A muscled, monosyllabic antihero is the star of this story, and the story is for the most part about seeking revenge, and seeking it as if your life depended on it.  And then, just when you think that’s the one and only virtue to be pursued, other options come to the fore. 

After watching Dwayne Johnson as the tooth-fairy, it was actually refreshing to see him in an ultra-macho role dripping with testosterone, and thanks to the storyline, he seemed to take on the aura of an invincible maniac of a car-driver on a mission that nobody and nothing can get in the way of.  Slick camera-work and lighting, with a few kinks here, and another few twists toward the end, actually made this movie worth one’s time and attention.  By the way, I think Billy Bob Thornton is talented just as much as he is creepy.

Faster is blunt, shocking in parts, and most of all, fast.


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