Broad Mung Bean Noodles: Great for Pad Thai

I had picked up an assortment of noodles from our local Asian market sometime ago, and last evening, with a little bit of imagination and some key ingredients, I ended up creating a dish I’ll call Broad Bean Pad Thai.

These are a unique type of noodle, btw.  They’re made with Mung bean flour, they’re flat, starchy, and need soaking in cold water for fifteen minutes.  You then stir-fry your protein (shredded rotisserie chicken, in this case), one beaten egg, bean sprouts or green beans, straw mushrooms, a big dollop of Padthai sauce, then add your noodles and toss it well.  I also added a little bit of chili-sesame oil, and a dash of salt.  Serve with crushed peanuts, and voila, you’ve got a killer Pad Thai, hands down!


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