Broad Mung Bean Noodles: Great for Pad Thai

I had picked up an assortment of noodles from our local Asian market sometime ago, and last evening, with a little bit of imagination and some key ingredients, I ended up creating a dish I’ll call Broad Bean Pad Thai.

These are a unique type of noodle, btw.  They’re made with Mung bean flour, they’re flat, starchy, and need soaking in cold water for fifteen minutes.  You then stir-fry your protein (shredded rotisserie chicken, in this case), one beaten egg, bean sprouts or green beans, straw mushrooms, a big dollop of Padthai sauce, then add your noodles and toss it well.  I also added a little bit of chili-sesame oil, and a dash of salt.  Serve with crushed peanuts, and voila, you’ve got a killer Pad Thai, hands down!


Whole Wheat Angel Hair Pasta: A Superb Alternative!

An alternative to what, you ask?  To the refined flour angel hair pasta, of course!  Because, whole wheat angelhair pasta is so much more healthier for you, of course!  And what can you do with it?  Actually, that question ought to be:  what can you NOT do with it?  You can do pretty much anything you wish including serving it up al dente with a dab of salt and butter, of course, but if you wish to get perhaps just a little more fancier than that, you could pair it with some Italian meatballs (duly cut up into smaller bite-sized pieces), and seasoned with a teriyaki sauce.  I also tossed in some green peas, both for color, flavor, and texture.  The result!  Mmmmm! Mmmm! Mmm!

Sprinkling on the parmesan is only optional.  If you did, you’d truly be a foodie: imagine your verve in combining the flavors from two world cuisines:  Japanese and Italian!