Michigan Salmon Salad: An Awesome Medley of Flavors and Textures

That’s right:  and you’ve got to see it to believe it, nay, you’ve got to eat it to believe it.  Because what you’ll find is this incredible array of items in this big bowl that is packed with fresh and healthy ingredients.  The salmon is a baked fillet no more than three ounces, I would say.  It is laid on a bed of salad greens, and tucked all around the sides are good sized heaps of cranberries, blue cheese, chopped walnuts and mandarin oranges.  And what about the salad dressing, you say?  That would be Paul Newman’s Raspberry Vinaigrette, if you please!

Ahhhmazing!  Especially, if you consider the fact that it was prepared as a to-go salad, not one served in a fancy restaurant.  Every now and then, it pays to pick up a quick salad on the go, and eat it in the comfort of your office!  Check out the pictures below for proof.


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