Notes On A Scandal, 2006



It’s a shame that it took me so long to get to this little thriller of movie, but I’m glad I finally did for more reasons than one.  Beyond the stunning acting of the two leading ladies, Blanchett and Dench, the story set in a seemingly-simple and small community in the UK suburbs forces you to sit up and take note of the not-so-simple circumstances that beset the most ordinary of people– people, who in their various roles of teacher, pupil, spouse, mother, friend, son, parent, sibling, child– struggle with moral and ethical dilemmas that have no clear-cut solutions at times…

And one can’t help but draw parallels to similar real-life stories of affairs between school-teachers and minors, and the consequences as they play themselves out, leaving most of the time a mangled mess of ruined relationships and wasted futures.

The added twist to this type of scandal in this story is the presence of the dark and scheming predator of a friend and colleague who is battling demons of her own where the concept of good vs. evil is turned on its head to the point that such a person will view themselves as savior, not predator.

Brilliantly acted, and masterfully presented, this is a movie meant to make you uncomfortable, even as you are being entertained.

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