Love In The Time Of Cholera, 2007


Having read the book a long time ago, my memory was a little fuzzy in making the usual comparison between the book and movie adaptation, and well, I don't quite know if I liked it or not… which is neither here nor there, but then again, so also was the storyline.

A love that holds out for 50+ years has to grab you one way or the other, no doubt about that, but still, I wonder about the sincerity of it. Or perhaps I need adjust my perspectives on the concept of pining for a love that is beyond one's reach. Perhaps it is not all desolation and solitude; rather, perhaps it is the exact opposite of that which is employed as a coping mechanism. How else to explain away the incessant affairs through a lifetime whilst waiting for your true love?

Javier Bardem is good no matter what role and Shakira's haunting vocals in the backdrop of the lovely Colombian landscapes makes for a pleasant viewing, all things considered.

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