The Downside of Antioxidants – Newsweek

Antioxidants Fall From Grace

The popular dietary components may not do any good, and may actually harm.

Chris Cheadle / Corbis

To anyone who feels guilty for not gorging on antioxidants—actually, make that “antioxidants!,” which seems to be how grocery manufacturers think of them—redemption is nigh. For years the media, food labels, dietitians, and even scientists who should know better have bombarded us with advice to load up on antioxidants: compounds found (mostly) in fruits and vegetables that mop up free radicals, which are highly reactive clusters of atoms that have been fingered as the evildoers responsible for aging and for illnesses from cancer to heart disease.

Buyer Beware” doesn’t begin to cover it! Click on the link above for the complete article.


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