Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, 2012

Lots of angry animals on an island, and a group of four who do everything possible and imaginable to negotiate the challenges of island life is what this movie is about.  Not having seen the previous one from a few years ago, I have no point of reference for comparisons and such, and yet, I have an opinion on the movie in general, as always.

All about special effects, this movie gives the Jules Verne classic the 3-D treatment, no doubt, and is very much predictable on that count.  The one small surprise is that the singing isn’t done by Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical fame; rather, it is the Rock, aka, Dwayne Johnson who bares his pearly whites and sings away in gay abandon.

Usual big blast-off rounds out the movie, and if you’re a Journey or Jules Verne fan, you’ll be rocked by all the special effects for sure.  If you’re not, you’ll still be entertained– at least in parts.


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