Unknown, 2011

First off, a note about Liam Neeson:  the man is in his sixties, and is convincingly playing an action hero– first with his role in Taken from a few years back, and now in this movie that can safely be slotted into the suspense-thriller category.  And Mr. Neeson carries out his role with great finesse– in an international setting with multiple car chases, hospital room escapes, and liaisons with blonde bombshells and Bosnian brunettes.

The bottom line is this:  the story starts out with great promise and takes many a turn and twist as it progresses.  But somewhere down the road, one begins to wonder if that weren’t one too many a twist that came up, and that is when one begins to lower one’s expectations about the final product. 

But once that has been done, one can go on to appreciate the technical finesse of the car-chase scenes and the rest of the cinematography that includes a generous littering of flashback scenes in an interesting lighting and style.

I would recommend the movie without reservation, but would warn that it is not one for the “unforgettable” files.  It very well could have been one had it not been for the fact that some of the sub-plots began to take on a life of their own and unfortunately sideline the main plot.  But then, such is life, I suppose.  And so, you take the good, and make allowances for the bad sometimes, especially when there are a number of remarkable features to consider.

Thank you, Mr. Neeson.  I wish you a long and even more successful career.




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