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Van Gogh's Irises In A Vase: When A Replica Can Take Your Breath Away

Four summers ago, we took a lovely vacation to a few places in Europe, and although it was a whirlwind tour, it gave us a good taste of many of the grand cities on the continent, one of them being the hometown to celebrated crazyman artist called Vincent Van Gogh.  We went to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, of course, and took in all the extraordinary sights of his works, many of them so famous, it takes only a glimpse to identify it as a Van Gogh work.

But after the official tour of the museum, we came outside to find a street artist who had replicated many of these famous works in a most surreal style with shiny paints.  I couldn’t resist buying this one.  It is, of course, the famous one titled Irises In A Vase.  A replica of the original, but an original nonetheless, interpreted in a most fascinating style, don’t you think?

I brought it home, had it framed, and this brilliant work has forever found a place in a prominent spot in my living room.  See for yourself!  Incidentally, a sister-post to this one may be found by clicking here.



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