Thai-Style Inspired Salad, aka, Simmi's Salad: A Most Divine Experience


So, I set out with a goal to create a thai-style salad and soon realized that I needed to first get certain tools, implements, and ingredients in order to succeed with my goal.  So, off to the local Asian Market I went, and returned with a few finds:  a mortar and pestle, a peeler that doubles as a grater, a few herb-and-spice infused oils, slices of lightly seasoned pickled mangoes, and shredded dry red chillies.

The pictures above tell the story of the creation of what I shall shamelessly christen Simmi’s Salad.  The traditional Thai-style salad would have papaya and mango instead of the other mediocre, yet majestic veggies I’ve used.  To summarize, the main ingredients are:
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • The pickled mangoes
  • Whole garlic, ginger oil, olive oil, shredded dry red chillies, lime juice, salt
Prepare the dressing with the ingredients in that last bullet point above by adding them all into your lovley mortar and pestle (earthen mortar, wooden pestle), then add all the veggies and pound gently.  Serve as a heap onto a flat platter.  Goes best with Focaccia flatbread and a glass of red— I recommend an Argentinean Frontera, Italian Chianti or an Australian Shiraz.


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  1. The utter beauty of blogging about what you love: you can pull it up any time you wish and refresh your memory! Which is what I’m doing right now– time to recreate this salad again!

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