The Zookeeper, 2011

Need love advice?  Go to the zoo!  Well, you’d have to be a zookeeper like Griffin, aka, Kevin James, I suppose, to get it because the animals in the zoo have to really love you and trust you enough to give it to you.  Advice, that is.  Which is what all the many animals– every one from the lion and lioness to the elephant and the bears, and even the ostrich tend to give Griffin a big dose of.  Some of it seems to work alright, and the favor is returned by Griffin, who shows the big gorilla a slice of human life and its many quirks that make it what it is!

But the best of advice can only go so far, and in the end, it is one’s heart that one must trust.  To arrive at this conclusion, there is a string of hilarious incidents, and frankly, I laughed more than I didn’t.  Which is to say that I wasn’t as badly disappointed with the movie as I thought I might be!  And it’s important I make a note of this loud and clear because the couple of reviews that I’d read prior to seeing the movie weren’t all that glowing.  Fear not– regardless of what you may have read or heard already, I am hear to tell you that this is a funny story with a funnyman in it.  Granted the plot isn’t the most sophisticated, and the punchlines may be somewhat predictable, but there are many good moments of genuine hilarity.

Kevin James was funny for many years as the King of Queens, and despite a few rocky detours in Hollywood, he has proven that he can be funny on the big screen as well.  The animals, by the way, complement him impeccably, and the voices of Cher, Nick Nolte, Adam Sandler, Sly Stallone and Maya Rudolph– a fine cast indeed– are very much on the money.

Love comes in many shapes, sizes, and sounds seems to be the moral of this story, and a good one it is!


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