Rava Laddoos On A Saturday Morning

Here’s to celebrating the versatility of the lowly sooji or cream-of-wheat on a Saturday morning.  Following a divine breakfast of Upma— made with sooji and a host of other seasonings, can you possibly top that with another sooji-dish?  Check out an old post on the glorious Upma right here.

Well, if you make Rava Laddoos you just possibly might be able to do that… So today, here’s to my mother and her indefatigable spirit to create beauty and goodness in the kitchen.  I give you the world’s most perfect rava laddoo:  made with sooji, sugar, lots of toasted dry fruits and edible gum, it will satisfy like no other. 

Here’s the first batch rolled out by my mother.  There most likely will be a second one.  Perhaps even a third, who knows?  At the rate of one a day for the four of us, I think we’re all set for another month!

Thanks, Mom, I love you!


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