Margaritas & Mariachis @ The Iron Catcus

The recent holiday-reminiscing continues with yet another post about the fun-times we had in the lovely city of San Antonio, Texas recently.  One place that we went to for dinner one day was a semi-fancy restaurant called the Iron Cactus.  The menu had many of the standard Tex-Mex items, and as you’ll see from the slideshow below, we opted for the usual margaritas (that came with the salsa and chips), and other more substantial fare for dinner. 

It was all very good, but one of the highlights of the dining experience was this:  there was a mariachi band in the house that walked around the tables and stopped every so often to give a live performance!  It was utterly delightful, and I couldn’t help but pull out my versatile phone to create an impromptu recording.  Check it out!  And scroll further down for the photo slideshow.


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