Curry Puffs, aka Keema Samosas: Savory Snacks For the Best of Times

If you’re anywhere from the Indian Subcontinent, particularly the southern part of the continent, or even parts of southeast Asia (think Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore), you will most likely recognize the name of these savory snacks called Curry Puffs.

Think Samosa, otherwise.  Same concept of deep-fried puff-pastry or whole-wheat dough with a delectable filling, only it’s not Peas-and-Potatoes like you’d find in the ubiquitous Samosa; it’s a fragrantly spiced Keema-and-Potatoes filling that you’ll find in these Curry Puffs.  Keema is hindi for mince-meat, by the way.

And we had the pleasure of making a big batch of these last evening.  Three generations went into its creation:  My mother made the dough; my daughter rolled it into tiny circles and carefully placed the filling inside each one; I prepared the filling, and crimped the edges of each fragile curry puff; and finally, my mother painstakingly fried each one to a golden crisp.

Serve it up with three kinds of Chutneys:  Tamarind & Date, Red Hot Sriracha Thai, and All-American Ketchup.

Hands down, it was a Yeh Hui Na Baat kinda bite!

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