Chicken Noodle Soup & A Couscous-Hummus Wrap

Can you see the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary lunches and dinners that you have everyday?  I can. 

Here’s my case in point:  my lunch for today consists of a Chicken Noodle Soup & A Couscous-Hummus Wrap bought at a lunch-cart inside my office building just moments ago.  Cafeteria-style cart this is, where you serve your own soup, and pick out your own sandwich/wrap/salad/fruit; exchange pleasantries with Denise; pay in cash only; put your food into your crisp white paper bag; ride the elevator up four floors, and sit down to an amazingly satisfying quick-and-easy meal in your office that overlooks a decent view of some campus buildings!

Light on the wallet as well as on your tummy, this is an extraordinary meal and moment for me.  And one that needs to be preserved for posterity, right here.

For an older post on this FAB Cart for my idea of working-lunches, click right here.

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