Ode To Sachin & the 2011 ICC World Cup

I’ve been watching Sachin Tendulkar since he first came onto the cricket scene as an unknown sixteen-year old.  Already in high-school at the time, I, like my friends was quick to notice this youngster not much older than us doing these amazing things on the cricket-field.  The boy could bat and bowl and run and do all things well– my goodness, who was this kid anyway?

Well, the kid has come a long way today, and while my memories of the 1983 ICC World Cup are non-existent, the memories of today’s victory of the same event will last a while.  Sachin, you’re a sweetie, and we love you to death!

And so– may I tell you what the Breakfast of a Championship World Cup looked like for me? Let the record show that in anticipation of sweet victory today, I made Masala Dosais and served it up with Chutneys and Eggs.  Yes, let the record show that a breakfast of champions was made and served by me on this day, Saturday, April 2, 2011 to celebrate the 2011 ICC World Cup. 


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