Rohu: A Fantastic Seven-Ingredient Fish Fry

Well, if you’re a fish-lover (the eating kind, might I add), and if you happen to have origins in the Indian subcontinent, then you most likely will recognize the name of this fish: Rohu.  It is not too dissimilar to the trout, and holds well to a variety of ways of cooking it.  Very common where I originally come from, it is certainly heartening to find it here in our local supermarket in a small town in the Upper Midwest of the United States.  The Bangladeshi butcher in the supermarket cuts it for me any which way I ask him to.  And this time around, I asked for steak-style pieces, only, I wanted those halved.  Which is what he did.

Well, regardless of the style of the cut, what’s even more important is how you choose to make it.  Last evening, I felt like frying, for a  change.  And so, first things first, viz. marinating the fish steaks.  And what might that marinade be, you say?  I used the first five fantastic ingredients for the marinade, the next one to dust the pieces in, and the last one to fry them in.  So, here goes:  

  1. Haldi (Turmeric)
  2. Lal Mirch (Red Chilli Powder)
  3. Namak (Salt)
  4. Nimbu (Lime/Lemon Juice)
  5. Lassan (Garlic paste)
  6. Chawal Aata (Rice Flour)
  7. Canola Frying Oil 
Make a marinade with the first five items, toss your fish into it, and let it rest for atleast a couple of hours.  Then, when you’re ready to fry, roll the pieces in a light coating of rice-flour and drop into a deep-fryer and fish them out when they’re golden brown. (yes, I know, I’m good with puns like that!)

One bite, and I’ll bet you’ll say Yeh Hui Na Baat!


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