'Ritas On The River (And Lots of Other Tex-Mex Grub)


One very popular restaurant on the Riverfront in San Antonio, Texas, is this place called ‘Ritas On The River.  It is one of many other such similar restaurants– not fancy in the least, and if anything, very basic in its menu of standard Tex-Mex fare.  It was one of our first stops on our week-long holiday last month in the city where we graced many a restaurant for lunch and dinner.  The ‘ritas were certainly very popular from the looks of the waiters bustling around the noisy crowd with large trays of every colored margarita in tumblers and other goblet-like classic margarita stemware. 

Didn’t take long to wolf down the enchiladas and whatever it was that we ordered.  All in all, very nice for a quick and easy meal and a mean ‘rita!  Check out some pictures in the slideshow below of what we found on the menu that evening:

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