Black Eyed Peas: They're So Good FOR You!

Yes, you heard right, I am a big fan of the Blackeyed Peas; always have been since they first came on the scene a couple decades ago.  But I’m also a big fan of the kind of blackeyed peas that you can eat. 

Here’s some I made yesterday.  Called Lobia where I come from, I made these from scratch, meaning, I soaked them overnight and then cooked them directly in a pressure cooker starting out with a tempered seasoning of hing, onions, mustard, and green chillies.  Cover and simmer for twenty minutes, and you’ll have the most delectable blackeyed peas to go with rice or roti.  Or to eat as is like you would a bowl of soup.

There’s a whole Wiki entry on these lovely peas that I grew up calling Lobia.  Check it out here.

And for that other kind of Black Eyed Peas that I also can’t get enough of, check out their Wiki entry here.


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