(Birthday) Samosas From Scratch


So, what’s as special as cake on your birthday?  Well, if you’ve got a thing for samosas– homemade ones at that– then you’d probably want those for your birthday!

Which is what a friend of my firstborn asked for as a birthday present!

So, next thing I knew, I was being recruited to “help” make them! 

We made two kinds:  one batch with a traditional potatoes-and-peas filling, and the other with a keema-and-peas filling. 

And when I say scratch, I mean scratch from the very scratchiest scratch.  That included kneading the dough, rolling it for the wrappers, making the two fillings, preparing each samosa in the traditional triangular shape, crimping the edges, and finally frying them to a golden brown.

See the slideshow below if you’re in the mood for a DIY.  And good luck!

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