Open-Faced Brunch Sandwiches


Thanks to the MLK holiday, these open-faced brunch sandwiches seemed to materialize out of nowhere.  Well, out of the left-overs from within the fridge, to be precise.

The main ingredients were:  a loaf of french-bread, pepper-jack cheese, four boiled eggs, and some rotisserie chicken.  Salt, pepper, dijon mustard and butter are staples that almost go unmentioned.

Thick slices of the bread got a thin spread of Olivio butter, followed by the cheese, eggs and the shredded chicken, and finally topped off with a swirl of dijon mustard and a thin slice of butter.

Bake at 400 in a pre-heated oven for five mins; then, broil for another 5.

Serve with love.

A slideshow follows.  Note:  this is our variation of the Danish open-faced sandwiches mentioned in this blog a couple weeks ago.


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