Chicken Picatta Manchurian


So, if you’ve never heard the name of this dish, it is because it was invented today.  For lunch.  As the name suggests, it is a chicken dish.  Picatta is Italian for thinly-sliced cutlet.  Which also happens to be a popular Italian dish by the same name:  Chicken Picatta.

Well, today, I decided I wasn’t content with the good old Italian recipe, and looked inside my kitchen pantry and saw an unopened jar of Ching’s Manchurian Stir-Fry sauce.  This, I had picked up from our local Indian store, Bombay Grocers a while back.  The recipe on the back of the bottle was one for Gobi Manchurian!  This is the truth, people!  Gobi Manchurian is a popular dish in India which is a spin-off of the Indochinese dish Chicken Manchurian, only you’ll find it made from gobi or cauliflower, not chicken.

So, manchurian sauce in hand, I thought why not make a type of chicken manchurian.  Only I didn’t have the requisite cubed chicken pieces; instead, I had the cutlet-style pieces.  So, I dredged them in cornflour, and you can see the rest in the slideshow below.

And voila, here was the Chicken Picatta Manchurian.  A lovely union of Italian and Indochinese!  If that’s not multi-ethnic, I don’t know what is!

Oh, and need I say that it was finger-lickin’ good?  🙂 

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