The Jungle Book, 2016

I’m afraid I am embarking on composing yet another movie review that was not quite so stellar as to stand out in my mind and memory as something so moving and spectacular that a) I rushed to write a review for it soon after watching it, and b) having nothing too earth-shattering to say or urge my readers to run out and watch it, I wonder if this is even worthy of my time or your attention.

Nonetheless, I plough on to gather up some thoughts, if only for my personal satisfaction of having documented the viewing for purposes of being true to the mission of the “motion pictures” section of my blog, and also for the sake of posterity – that may judge me harshly in case I don’t – and finally, perhaps for the small amusement of my friends and foes.  I do hope and trust that you are taking all this in with a small modicum of salt…

And so my two cents are as follows: the magnificent visual effects of the film seem to be the only thing that makes this new version worth watching – and the 3D option, unfortunately, didn’t change my mind about this fundamental opinion.  Given how everything else was so by the book (no pun intended) and played a bit too safe to be memorable – my one significantly loud gripe is this:  why did the ending not follow the original story line?  If anything, it was that one thing that always made the connection of Mowgli, the animal-boy into Mowgli, the human-boy.  If you take away that one truth, there is something deeply unsatisfying, nay, there is no satisfaction at all!

So, if you’d just like to pull out that original Disney animated movie from the Sixties and pop a bag of popcorn, why, I’d say you’d be the better off for it.


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