Captain America: Civil War, 2016

When you put off writing a review for so long and then can’t seem to remember too much of the movie to write one when you’re ready, well, what does that say about the movie? Or perhaps it says more about my capacity for remembering… either way, it doesn’t help me much in this exercise of documenting my thoughts and views about this latest offering from the Marvel Comics franchise.

My scattered recollections are along these lines: the first half is little more than an overlong political drama and the second half is filled with huge action.  The one big thing which is… how do I say this without spoiling things…”Captain America: Civil War” has perhaps gotten the attention it has is because it contains the epic Iron Man vs. Captain America confrontation; a confrontation which has been at least four films in the making, and that settles on a resolution that can only be described as “civil”.

With that I have most undoubtedly exhausted my ability to recollect anything more to speak any more intelligently – not that I have done too grand a job here – but insofar as to maintain some small semblance of a respectable effort, it is best I cease to ramble right here and right now.


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