Skyfall, 2012

Bond is back, but this time he’s partial to silver-gray suits, tailored so tight as to make office-work impossible, but just right to chase the bad guys anywhere in the world, and especially on top of moving trains.  And nary a wrinkle.

Daniel Craig is comfortable in his skin as James Bond, and is in fine form in his third Bond movie.  Beautiful women, great action, plausible heroics, and a dreary castle in the Scottish highlands,  all come together to make this a not-so-forgettable movie.  The oriental angle is also covered quite well, first with Turkey and the colorful and chaotic bazaars there, followed by Shanghai, a land of dragons and dragon-ladies.

Javier Bardem is the blond malevolent counterpart to Bond and five years on the heels of No Country for Old Men, succeeds to create quite the loathsome character.  There are times, however, when the dialogue seems to get a little too overbearing and you wish they’d stop chit-chatting and go on with getting the job done, just as there are times when the action is so relentless that you wish they’d take a moment to catch their breath.

Judi Dench is impeccable as M, and Ralph Fiennes is unfortunately somewhat inconsequential.

Overall, not disappointing at all, and James Bond will live to see another day.


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