From Russia With Love, 1963

In wake of all the recent news about the new Bond film that is to make an appearance shortly, I thought it might be interesting to see one of the older Bond films, and thanks to Netflix, found just what I was looking for.  Only the second one in the Bond film franchise, this is quite the specimen for the classic and formulaic plot of every Bond movie.  The inimitable Sean Connery is the suave James Bond who owns every scene be it in boxer shorts or in tailored suits.

Almost fifty years later, movie-making has come a long way in getting sophisticated with the cinematography and other technical skills, but the basic formula for a Bond film hasn’t changed all that much.  This one, in particular, had everything from women in bikinis to belly-dancing outfits, to catfights, sex tapes and novel gizmos that must have surely seemed like the space-age at the time!

All this to say that I’m ready to see Daniel Craig do his thing in the upcoming Bond film, Skyfall.


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