The Bourne Legacy, 2012

Jason Bourne’s legacy is not bad at all.  If Jason ran circles around the American intelligence agencies and around the world, there has come up in his wake yet another agent by the name of Aaron Cross who is doing just that all over again.  This is yet another secret intelligence campaign that has produced the likes of Cross– played brilliant by Jeremy Kenner– who has the skills and guts to match Bourne’s.

Unlike Bourne, however, who was always on a mission to save the world– or so it seemed– Cross isn’t quite as proactive as he is reactive.  But his reflexes are superb indeed, there’s no doubt about that, even as he comes to the aid of Dr. Marta Shearing, played by the beautiful Rachel Weiss, not once but several times.

This is the quintessential action-adventure movie of the summer, where we forsake fantasy for reality and watch as the ordinary-looking Aaron Cross shows off his survival skills in the Alaskan wilderness, the suburbs of DC, and half-way across the world in the Philippines.  Not to say that the story doesn’t have some holes and questions about the integrity of the plot, but regardless, it deserves high marks for overall direction and acting.  Plus, the cinematography and music are superb.

Here’s to the continuation of the Bourne franchise! 


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