The Infidel, 2010

The movie poster says it all:  a Muslim-looking man with a (Jewish) bagel in his mouth.  What could be more improbable?!  The concept of a moderate Muslim man in Britain who discovers his Jewish identity upon the death of his mother is sure to go down as a major mid-life crisis for anyone, no matter who they might be or where they live.  This guy happens to live in the seaside city of Brighton, U.K., and this discovery– radical as it is– couldn’t have come at a worse time in his life even as his young son is planning to wed the daughter of a well-known Islamic cleric.

What ensues is nothing short of a comedy of errors as the drama unfolds in how our Muslim-Jew man attempts to come to terms with his new identity.  Part comic, part tragic, there’s lots of laughs and certainly a lot to consider in this short film that attempts to use humor to present a subject that can be dealt sanely only with humor– any other way might lead to another set of the Crusades or the Holocaust.

The ending is a somewhat improbable one, but perhaps making a clear statement was too difficult for all concerned.  Regardless, it provided kosher entertainment throughout, with plenty of references to Jewish icons and customs in the pop-culture.


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