Rann, 2010

By Bollywood standards, this is serious cinema.  An expose of the Fourth Estate, aka, the media, this is a story of the ‘rann’ or battle that is underway in the heart of India’s television news channels where there is more an inclination to create a news story as opposed to reporting it.

Strong performances by Big B, aka Amitabh Bachhan, and a host of other newbies whose names I don’t know, unfortunately.  Paresh Rawal is the most impressive in his role as the slimy politician who is skilled only at talking the talk but never walking it.

Rann is a thoughtfully made movie that opens with a great deal of promise, loses steam toward the middle, but then picks up nicely to finish off with a real ‘sting’ in the story and a somewhat long-winded monologue by Mr. Bachhan.


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