From Paris With Love, 2010

There’s a hint of a famous James Bond movie in the title of this movie, but I’m afraid the similarities stop right there!  There’s nothing too imaginative about firing off weapons of every shape and size, and eventually missiles as well, so much so that the body-count of casualties is truly blurred, but after all that, when you’re still not sure if you’re approaching the climax of the storyline or not, something’s not quite right.

Travolta certainly knows how to invent and reinvent the concept of personal image, and does it quite well in this comedy-action-adventure movie, but there’s something just not convincing enough although he certainly dominates the movie from beginning to end.  The action-sequences are all crafted the way in which all action-movies are these days, i.e., fast, faster, loud, and louder.  The background musical score during the high-chase adrenaline pumped scenes, however, was a little too contrived and could have been better.

The bottom-line is that if it’s mindless action you’re looking for, then sure, its a time-pass, otherwise, just pass on by!


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