Jane Eyre, 2011

An utterly beautiful rendering of a classic in style and substance, both.  A more self-possessed woman would be hard to come by in like circumstances, for the young woman who plays Jane has the most steady gaze and impeccably measured words in a tone that might seem lacking passion at times, but that is only because it is fantastically true to character.

In an age when women didn’t expect more than becoming the wife of a gentleman as soon as possible, and quite often, by any means possible, this is the story of a young woman who in the face of adversity holds her own and turns down not one but two such offers before she decides to take life on her own terms. 

This latest cinematic version of Jane Eyre is one for the files.  Beautifully crafted and acted, the story rendered in flashback form unfolds in a most graceful manner, and portrays effectively a brilliant story on screen.


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