The Lincoln Lawyer, 2011

Matthew McConaughey has done a ton of “pretty boy” movies, and it seems like he woke up one day and decided to do a serious one.  Well, semi-serious, I suppose. But not bad, all things considered.  He plays a lawyer who bails out low-lifes and operates out of a Lincoln Continental, hence the title.  Nice LA locales for the cinematography, good performances by the others including Marisa Tomei– who is really looking her age, by the way– and a good amount of suspense throughout, topped off with a little twist at the end.

I’ll bet good money that this won’t go down as an unforgettable movie in this genre, and I doubt or at least hope that it won’t be the one that defines McConaughey.  I do hope he has more to his career, and I do hope the genre of suspense-crime-legal thrillers will afford us bigger and better movies to come.  Only not so long as this– this one was two hours long.  For that kind of time, I’d like every minute to satisfy. 


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